About Me

Howdy, Y’all. Well I’m Mike Thomas … a member of the global arts community (I just made that term up myself 😂). I’m a photographer / multimedia guy by profession. But I also have a personal passion for photography and storytelling both as an art form and a business. But I’ll say right up front, THIS website is geared more toward the fun, passionate side of it all. I’ve been clicking’ the shutter since I was about 16. I started dabbling in doing this as part of my living somewhere in my early 30’s. I also began workin for The Walt Disney Company as a documentation photographer as well as marketing and advertising business units. I still work for “The Mouse” after about 30 plus years. But now I choose to do that as an independent freelance photographer (gives me more time for myself and my passionate side of photography).

This whole portion or chapter of my photography career and endeavors is basically all about storytelling meshed and coinciding with my photos. The pictures don’t necessarily have to be the greatest ever. They just need to tell some story – a story I can enhance by narrating with an audio voiceover telling that story.

The other part of my life and career is also part of the arts – music. Yep, been playing piano since I was 4, playing guitar since I was 14 and singing since I was about 18 (well trying to sing at that age anyway ….. I got better since then 😜). But that whole chapter is for another time. For now, I’m concentrating around this new photo/story concept.

Thanks for checking out this web site and specifically, this ‘about’ section. Please don’t be a stranger. And feel free to contact me at any time with questions, comments or suggestions:

[email protected]