Magic And Memories: Some Wild Sightings

There are so many pictures I shot at Disney’s Animal Kingdom while I was there these last few days I couldn’t just let them sit there and do nothing. So here are a few more shots I captured while strolling the park waiting to shoot the new nighttime spectacular, “Rivers Of Light” (a blog post on that one coming soon as well). The pictures speak for themselves. But I thought it might be a little humorous to add a caption or two ;). Enjoy!

bird, exotic birds, parrot, disney, animal kingdom, disney world, florida
“Do you really think I don’t see you? PA-LEEEEZE!”


timone, disney, near cat, animal kingdom, disney
“Pumba? Ehhhh, Pumba?”
gorilla, monkey, ape, disney, animal kingdom, nature, wild animals
“Hmmm? What shall I have for dinner?”
ape, monkey, gorilla, disney, animal kingdom, nature, wild life, wild animals
“Human, if you don’t put that camera down, I’ll have YOU for dinner!”
disney, animal kingdom, cow, sheep, wild animals, nature, wildlife
“How can you ignore this face … feed me. Please?”

Peace – Mike T.


Magic And Memories: Details, Details, Details

disney, animal kingdom, tree of life, florida, theme parks, details, tough to be a bug, bugs life

I, myself, used to be guilty of overlooking a lot of the hidden treasures and beauty at The Walt Disney World Theme Parks. Even after sooooooo many years at the parks, I still manage to miss, and then fortunately realize some of that beauty undiscovered. Here’s a prime example in a photo I captured the other day while strolling through Disney’s Animal Kingdom waiting to shoot the new, “Rivers Of Light” nighttime spectacular (a blog post on that coming very soon). On the west side (+/-) of The Tree Of Life, these carved details are for the most part over shadowed by the majesty of the tree itself. But just look close at the fine detailing embedded within the trunk portion of The Tree Of Life. Beautiful!

Peace – Mike T.

Along The Nature Trail

bird, wildlife, nature,serenity, peace, outdoors, woods, nature trail

Today was one of those rare not too hot / not too cool sunny days in Florida. Hence, I ventured out on one of my favorite nature trails in a woodsy area of Central Florida. It was beautifully peaceful. Couldn’t even hear a car I was so far into the woods. But then I DID hear a bird. Not being heavy into ornithology (what a big word, huh? lol), I had no clue what I was listening to. Nor can I tell you what kind of bird it is in the photograph I captured herein this post. But he / she was gorgeous and sang like a … well … like a bird :).

Peace – Mike T.

Disney Deer

deer, bambi, wildlife, herd, disney, fort wilderness, nature

So the plan for today was to go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to see the new, “Rivers Of Light” show. However, in the 19 years that Animal Kingdom has been there, I’ve NEVER seen the parking lot so full. Every single section of the lot was 100% full. And I’m told that they eventually had to close due to capacity. Soooooo – I really didn’t have any other plans and didn’t have any more work to do shooting The Festival Of The Arts at Epcot. Henceforth, I began the track back home. This time I decided I’d exit off the property on the road that passes in front of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.

deer, bambi, nature, disney, herd, wildlife

Well there on the opposite side of the road was a herd of deer grazing on the grass in the gorgeous magic hour golden sunset light. Here are a few examples of what I was able to shoot, once again testing out one of my new telephoto lenses.

Peace – Mike T.

Street Photography: Murals – Downtown Orlando

street photography, street art, murals, orlando, downtown orlando, art

I had reason to be downtown Orlando in the Mills Avenue area today.

street photography, street art, murals, orlando, downtown orlando, mills ave ornaod

While waiting for a repair, I strolled the streets a bit. Came across this cool street mural on the side of an old building. No idea really what the artist(s) was trying to convey – if anything. But obviously whomever did this creation definitely does have some talent.

street photography, street art, murals, orlando, downtown orlando


Peace – Mike T.

“… And It Makes Me Wonder, What’s Up Around The Bend?…” (Charles Kuralt)

florida, state parks, sunset, path, backpacking, hiking, nature. wildlife, florida state parks,, state parks, charles kuralt

I don’t know how many of you remember the late Charles Kuralt. Charles was (as far as I know) the first journalist that used to travel America seeking out human interest stories, mostly in ‘small town America’. I use to love watching his show on CBS when I was younger. When I really got into photography, I used to wish I could be the next Charles Kuralt. Still, do actually. But in my wish, I don’t necessarily want to limit myself to just interviewing folks. I wanna take great hidden treasure photos from, well, everywhere! So if you’re listening CBS or any major network or journalistic entity, here I am!!! 🙂

This photo I captured today (Monday February 13th, 2017) at one of Florida’s 176 State Parks. Can’t you just feel the warmth and smell the forest? The weather today was one of those picture perfect (no pun intended) days to begin with. But during magic hour (golden hour – sunset time frame), it got even better. I was lucky enough to be way out in the woods on one of the trails. Lighting & timing were also picture perfect (pun intended this tim lol). I managed to capture 3-4 great shots in addition to this one – they’ll be posted later. And that’s not a brag when I say “Great shots.” On any given day I go shooting, I usually manage to snap off several hundred shots if not more depending on the shoot. If I get ONE good shot, I consider myself lucky. But to grab 3-4 really good shots is one for the record books in my humble opinion.

Enjoy the peace and serenity of this shot. Everybody be good to each other – we’re all we’ve got 🙂

Peace – Mike T

Full Snow Moon & Eclipse – Sorta

moon, full moon, snow moon, winter moon, golden moon, eclipse, lunar

You’ve all heard the old expression, “A day late & a dollar short?” Ya’ well – I guess my timing was off tonight. I wanted to capture the lunar eclipse tonight. But I guess I need to relearn how to read a lunar chart so as to pin point exactly when the moon would be on the rise, since that was supposed to be when the most noticeable portion of the lunar eclipse could be seen. OOPS! But I still managed to get a nice closeup of this golden, full “Snow Moon.” So – I thought I’d post it for your viewing and relaxing pleasure 🙂

Peace all you ‘Moon-Dawgs’ – Mike T.

“Beautiful Nothingness”

florida, everglades, pan handle, state parks, lake wales, kissimmee, central florida, nature, wildlife, rivers, water, streams, saw grass, swamp

Years ago while traveling around the state of Florida – particularly in the Pan Handle area and the Everglades region, I noticed just miles and miles of beautiful saw grass or rivers & streams. No mountains like I’d grown up with in New England – just flat lands as far as the eye could see with nothing in the way. Hence, the self invented title of “Beautiful Nothingness” came to be in my creative mind. This shot is one of those pictures, though not taken in the Pan Handle or Everglades. Just a river (name unknown) running through the Lake Wales, (central) FL region. Kinda falls into that “60 seconds of peace” segment I’ve done here a few times. Only this one is not a ‘moving’ picture.

Peace – Mike T

“Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike” – Happy Hump Day!

So I grabbed this shot at the Morocco Pavilion in Epcot at Walt Disney World last week after I’d completed my “work” for the day. I was really just looking for different angles of stuff I had never shot before. But when I got home and saw this, all I could think was that silly camel in that TV commercial talking about “Hump Day.” 🙂

Happy Hump Day – Enjoy!

Peace – Mike T.

Subscription Changes

Due to a hack on this blog, I unfortunately have to remove all users & subscribers. Additionally, the former option of signing up for email notifications has been removed and is no longer an option. I believe this all to be temporary until the problem with the hacking has been resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience – especially to the subscribers who’ve followed my blog for a while now.

Here’s to happier, less criminal, non hacking times GRRRR!

Peace – Mike T